Images in the Fine Art galleries are available for purchase as prints in various sizes and papers.

The 'standard' paper for prints used is Fuji Crystal Archive museum quality photo paper, which displays colors superbly and whites as white (and yes, this is important), while having excellent color image stability and sharpness.  When we come down to it, they look wonderful.  I am offering these prints in two surfaces choices:  

Gloss, which has a high sheen and vibrant appearance,

Matte, which is less reflective, and more suited for nature and artistic photography.

Prices are:

8x10  $70

8x12  $75

11x14 $90

16x20 $110

15x22  $120

20x30  $160

The 'high end' paper I am making available is Hahnemühle Bamboo Fine Art Paper, which is a 100% acid free, natural white, heavyweight fine art paper.  While the description says, 'natural white' - what this means is that the paper has a warm tone to it, so whites will be more of an off white, leaning towards creme color.  The final result is that black and white images have a warm richness to them, with a slight hint of sepia, and look absolutely gorgeous.  Because of the high quality of the paper, images printed on it will also be more than on the Fuji Chrystal Archival paper.

8x10  $85

8x12  $90

11x14 $110

16x20  $135

15x22  $145

20x30  $200


An additional note:  There are several images that have a keyword description of pinhole.  These images are shot on film and will have a slightly different proportion from the other images.  They will also have a softer feel to them, and will not be sharp as images that come from a lensed camera.

For those outside of the States who are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me so we can make the necessary arrangements.


If you wish to have an image at a size different than what is listed, please contact me, and we will see what we can arrange.

I am also willing to consider canvas prints and canvas wraps as well as note cards if an interest is shown for them.  So if you think one of these is something you'd like, please email me, I'll never know unless you share.