About Heidi Dillehunt Photography

Here we are on the about page.  What to say, what to say.  I am fun loving, optimistic, snarky, slightly shy, yet very talkative person who likes to see the beauty in the world around me.  I love classic rock, and all sports teams associated with Arizona (even the Wild Cats, and yes, that hurt...), even though I currently live in Seattle.

One of my favorite sayings is, 'Have camera, will travel!' ... What?  That's supposed to be gun?  But I don't have a gun - I think a camera works just as well.  At least they both shoot! *grins*  Needless to say, I do love to travel.

So, if you feel you have something I'd be good at shooting, feel free to call me at 1.206.931.1566 or email at heidi@heididillehunt.com.  You can also follow me on twitter @heididillehunt.